We are a Romantic Couple

With its beautiful canals, stunning architecture and relaxed atmosphere of free love, the Dutch capital is the perfect place for a romantic getaway and there is a huge amount to do in Amsterdam for couples.

Amsterdam for couples – What to do in the Venice of the North

Whether taking a candlelit boat cruise or gazing out from the famous lovers’ bridge adorned with its symbolic padlocks, there are numerous Amsterdam couple activities to enjoy. With the city’s numerous world-class restaurants, there are endless locations for the perfect evening with your loved one.

Even the city’s favourite means of transport is romantic, as thousands of couples cycle around the city together each day! Cycling with your better half through the park, surrounded by beds of tulips, is a great way to get some exercise and build up an appetite before heading to one of the city’s restaurants. And if you really fancy a dinner with a romantic twist, a candlelit dinner cruise is sure to get you in your partner’s good books!

For art lovers, Amsterdam is home to some of the most inspiring and romantic art ever created – after all, if Van Gogh was willing to chop an ear off and give it to a woman as a sign of affection, the least your loved one can do is pay for a couple of drinks! And in Amsterdam, where dimly lit and romantic bars and cafés line stunning canals, there is no better place for it!

For the more adventurous amongst you, there are a wide variety of more daring activities to enjoy in Amsterdam for couples. Hiring scooters, for example, allows you to get off the beaten track and explore the most romantic and picturesque quarters of this ancient city such as De Jordaan, an historic neighbourhood packed full of charming bars and restaurants, modern art galleries and luxury shops (the perfect place to buy your loved one a memorable gift from the city!).

For couples wanting to get high in a slightly different way to that offered in the usual Amsterdam Coffee Shops, the ADam tower offers the finest views of the city and a wonderful opportunity to gaze out in awe across the city, hand-in-hand with your better half!

Is Amsterdam romantic?

All in all, Amsterdam is one of the most romantic cities in the world and, despite its wild reputation, offers an ideal getaway for couples to enjoy the charms of its picturesque cityscape, internationally-renowned art, world-class restaurants and cosy bars. With a huge range of fun activities in Amsterdam for couples, the answer to the often-asked question, ‘is Amsterdam romantic?’ is a resounding yes!

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