Bike Rental Amsterdam

See Amsterdam through the eyes of the locals, by trying out our favourite method of transport – the bike! Amsterdammers cycle around two million kilometers per day, and the number of bikes exceeds the city’s population. So why not hire a bike in Amsterdam and discover amazing places off the beaten track! Besides, it’s also a great way to work off some of the calories from all the chips and mayonnaise washed down with Heineken…


Footbrake bike/Kids bike:

1 hour€ 5,00
3 hours€ 7,50
1 day€ 9,75
Extra day€ 6,00

Handbrake bike:

1 hour€ 7,50
3 hours€ 11,00
1 day€ 14,75
Extra day€ 8,00

Bike with a child seat:

1 hour€ 8,50
3 hours€ 12,00
1 day€ 16,75
Extra day€ 10,00

More info

  • Please consider that Damage & Theft insurance is not included in the price. If you would like to book the insurance, please contact us.
  • Prices: 3 hours : €1,75     24 hours : €3,50

Please note

  • Bookings can be canceled up to 48 hours prior the booking
  • Bring your passport / I.D. (original) for up to 5 bikes + € 50, (cash) per bike

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Hire bike in Amsterdam!

Riding a bike is a fun, efficient and easy way of getting around Amsterdam – exactly just like the locals do! Even if you only pedal around one hour, riding a bike is an essential Amsterdam experience. Bicycle rental is one of the best ways to discover places at your own pace and going for a cycle along the stunning canals, historic streets or picturesque parks is an unforgettable and absolute must do in Amsterdam. To experience the real Amsterdam, you can’t beat hopping on a bike and exploring the sights of this beautiful city. Alternatively, get off the beaten track and see more of the city by taking a trip along the Amstel river (after which the city is named) to Amstelland or to rural Waterland.

Looking for an affordable bicycle rental?

We can give you the best bike rental price in Amsterdam! You can choose between foot brake bike, hand brake bike, bike with a child seat and kids bike. Let us know for how long you would like to rent the bike and we will do the rest! The cheapest bike rental in Amsterdam is waiting just for you! Please see our pricing below. You can choose between foot brake bike, hand brake bike, bike with a child seat and kids bike.

Questions? Text your free Personal Whatsapp Assistant
Questions? Text your free Personal Whatsapp Assistant