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Travelling solo can be a daunting prospect for many, but loads of likeminded people come to Amsterdam on backpacking trips around Europe each year so you’re never really alone! With the chance to join great group activities such as pub crawls and boat tours or just to chill out in a friendly coffee shop or bar, Amsterdam is a great city in which to meet fellow minded travellers and make friends for life!

Is Amsterdam Backpacking-friendly?

Amsterdam is known as a friendly city and with such a multilingual population, you’ll never be stopped by the language-barrier or get too lost in the city (but getting a bit lost and wandering the picturesque streets of the Dutch capital is always part of the fun!).

Although Amsterdam is not the cheapest city in the world, there are a range of hostels and lower-cost accommodation options in the city, and finding out where to stay in Amsterdam on a budget is an important way of making sure that there’s enough euros left over to make the most of the city’s bars and coffeeshops!

When it comes to Amsterdam backpacking activities, there are a wide range of things to do in the city. Hiring a bike is a great way to enjoy the city through the eyes of locals, and hopping on a boat trip is a fantastic way to see the beautiful canals of the city centre from a different angle (this view is improved even further if you choose a boat trip where drinks are provided and you can lay back and enjoy the ride with a cold beer in hand!). The UNESCO heritage site canal belt is one of the most famous and picturesque cityscapes in the world and will not fail to provide inspiration for the budding photographers amongst you!

Amsterdam is the ideal location for a solo trip and by joining activities specially designed for groups of solo travellers and backpackers, the city provides the perfect opportunity to really get to know this unique and incredible place whilst making new friends!

Although many backpackers have preconceptions about Amsterdam before arriving in the city, the Dutch capital offers much more than just weed and legal prostitution. This modern, thriving city offers a wide range of great activities to backpackers and jumping on a bike or scooter (which are easily hired!) and getting off the beaten track, the city’s hidden gems are waiting to be explored by the more intrepid solo traveller!

Is Amsterdam safe for Solo Travellers?

Despite the city’s notoriously liberal attitudes towards soft drugs and prostitution etc, solo travel in Amsterdam is perfectly safe and the city is a worthy destination for the masses of backpackers that descend on the Dutch capital each year! In fact, Amsterdam is reportedly the 5th safest city in the world!

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